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Miriam Mortimore

Book Merchant

Greetings, my name is Miriam Mortimore, and I am The Book Merchant.

I have spent over 20 years as a professional librarian managing specialist collections and archives for government and large corporations. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job has been building collections. It’s like Christmas when a book arrives, bundled up waiting to be unwrapped and explored. 

As a librarian, I know how difficult it is to track down books - not all books are sold through online booksellers like Amazon or Booktopia. They may have a small print run, be out of print or are so rare that only a few copies have survived the years.

The books I choose to sell satisfy my librarian’s compulsion to curate. They are well researched and written, often award-winning. They are books that I would read and select if I were building a library collection. They may also present attitudes and values that are no longer held by most Australians. 

I am also a budding eBook publisher. Some of the books I want to sell aren't in hardcopy anymore, and I will be creating eBooks so that my readers can access these books easily. They can always be printed out if you are hardcopy bound.

If you are an author, I happy to help with cost-effective electronic alternatives.

The Book Merchant specialises in Australian and Western Australian history and heritage and Australian social and cultural diversity. These are topics that matter as they shape our present and influence our future.

Much of Australia’s history has yet to be told or needs to be retold through a different lens. True stories of hardship and resilience, respect for the environment and sustainable living to survive. Stories of how communities formed and the attitudes they had towards “others”. It's fascinating, thought-provoking reading.

Enough about me. I often use the pronouns "us" and "we" on my website and in correspondence because I don't work in isolation. I have a buying team always on the lookout for books, a fantastic IT Team and a great group of professional colleagues and mentors that encourage and inspire me.

Please enjoy browsing through my books. If you know of a book that I should consider selling, are having trouble finding a book or perhaps you’re a writer about to publish a new book? Please talk to me. 

Contact me via email or mobile.

Best regards


The Book Merchant